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A Major Solar Power Myth Debunked: It’s Too Expensive

Many Australian home-owners automatically toss out the idea of installing solar panels because of the fact that they are often viewed as a “rich man’s investment.” Though everyone knows how solar panels can save the average home-owner thousands of dollars over the course of several years, the truth is that it is still considered to be a costly home improvement choice for many, and when you initially look at the price tag on some solar power panel projects, it’s understandable why people think this is always going to be the case. However, even the average family can afford solar power if you look at some of the great resources that the government as well as Aussie solar panel companies have managed to offer.

One of the biggest boons for potential solar panel buyers can be found in the form of all the government subsidies and programs that are designed to make them more affordable. Depending on your current household income, as well as a number of other factors, you can save thousands of dollars on your installation costs. Moreover, multiple government-sanctioned tax credits also exist for those who want to make sure that they pay a little less during tax season should they decide to make the switch to solar. It’s worth noting that many of these subsidies and credits won’t last too long, so you should make the most of them while they are still around.

The best part about looking at multiple companies that offer solar panel installation is that many offer financing. Of course, another major reason why solar panels really aren’t as expensive as you think is the fact that there are almost always major sales going on from one installation company or another. Timing can be a very important key when getting a good price on the panels that you want to have.

However, the most important way that this myth can be busted is when you look at the payback you get in terms of energy savings, as well as the improvement it offers in terms of real estate pricing. As one of the most popular trends in real estate investments and house flipping, solar panel installation can easily add thousands of dollars of value to an otherwise average home. Since solar panels last for decades  (and get continually durable in terms of design year after year), many home-owners can consider it a permanent  investment that will pay off every time they save dozens of dollars in electricity bills.

Many home-owners find, upon doing a little bit of maths in terms of savings, that solar power panel installation actually is very reasonably priced for what you get. Though it may seem like an intimidating price tag at first, solar panel installation can be made very affordable for people and companies in a variety of different situations. So, don’t toss out the idea of installing panels on your home right away. Ask a solar panel installation specialist about how it can be made cheaper for you today.