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Why should I get multiple solar quotes?

Its always wise to get multiple quotes when you are about to invest a significant amount of money in your home whether its for a swimming pool, landscaping for the garden or getting the builders in for extension to the house. Solar panels are no different. Getting multiple quotes puts you in a commanding position to save time and money.

Getting multiple quotes will save you money

When you get multiple quotes from local solar panel installers you can potentially save $1,000′s by getting a range of prices. By getting 3 quotes you put yourself in the position to compare the competitiveness of local installers and you can choose the best quote that will save you the most money. Asides from the money saving benefit for the upfront cost of installation, you will get specific recommendations from the installers on what size of solar panel system is best for your home.

Getting multiple quotes will save you time

Don’t go through the solar panel quoting process multiple times when you can get 3 quotes in one go and have the multiple installers come out to you! From then your local solar panel installers will give you installation costs, REC’s rebate discount, estimated gross outputs and any other info your require specific to the roofing & sunlight conditions at your house.

Protect Yourself

It may turn out to be the case that the lowest quote isn’t the right one for you but at least with three quotes specific to your home’s location, sunlight orientation and desired size of solar panel array you will put yourself in a commanding position to choose an accredited installer that you’re comfortable with.

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