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What Types of Solar Panels Are Currently Available?

Solar panels are one of the best ways to reduce your home or business carbon footprint and save money on your monthly energy bills.

There are 5 types of solar panel systems that are currently available for installation at in Australia. Once you’ve completed your quote and select the winning quote your solar panel installer will help you to choose the right solar panel system and each different type has advantages and disadvantages in different conditions so a little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

The types of solar panels available in Australia are:

  • Mono-crystalline solar panels
  • Poly-crystalline
  • Thin-film
  • Hybrid solar panel technology
  • Compound (CIS)

Photovoltaic (or PV) solar panels generate their power using photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight directly into electricity. Other systems, like solar hot water systems, save you money by not having to buy the power from the grid but don’t actually produce any electricity.

PV Solar panels can produce power from the sun’s rays even on cloudy days, however the amount of electricity produced can be significantly less, thankfully this is not a major problem in Australia due to our ideal climate.

The installation of solar panels can provide savings on your electricity bills significantly due to feed-in tariffs as well as add extra value to your house. A feed-in tariff is basically the government paying you for the electricity you produce and usually at a higher rate than what you buy it. So not only do you save money by not purchasing electricity from the grid but also get paid for the electricity you produce. If you produce more than you use you may even get sent a cheque paying you for excess electricity you produced.