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Best Solar Panel Brands

Ever wonder who makes all the solar panels that are available nowadays. We have compiled a list of the leading solar panel brands that’ll likely end up on your roof.

Bosch Solar Panels

German brand Bosch make solar panels built from high-efficiency mono and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells which offer better results and value for money. The Bosch range of solar photovoltaics feature two lines of solar panel, each using a different number of cells. Bosch also offers a 10 year product warranty on all of its solar panels.

Sanyo Solar Panels

Pioneering in solar power technologies, Sanyo solar panels are some of the most technologically advanced solar panels on the market. Sanyo offers high efficiency HIT solar panels which have the best qualities thin film amorphous and crystalline solar cells combined.

Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp is a leading manufacturer of quality solar panels winning a variety of Japan’s honourable energy saving awards. They produce single and multi-crystalline as well as amorphous silicon solar cells.

BP Solar Panels

BP is one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies and it is looking beyond traditional energy choices and thus has decided to produce quality solar panels. With over 30 years of experience in the solar industry and installations in over 160 countries, BP Solar is one of the world’s largest solar companies.

Global Solar Panels

Global Solar Energy is the solar industry leader that manufactures highly-efficient thin film solar cells for glass module or flexible material products. Global Solar is the only manufacturer in full-scale production of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) PV cells on a flexible substrate.

Sunpower Solar Panels

Sunpower is a global company with 5,000 employees solely focused on producing solar panels. They are leaders in innovation holding over 85 patents. Their panels hold the world record in efficiency and produce up to 50% more power than competing brands.

Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech develops, manufactures, and delivers reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Founded in 2001 by leading solar scientist Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech is the world’s largest producer of silicon solar modules.

Powerfilm Flexible Solar Panels

PowerFilm, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of thin, flexible solar modules based on a proprietary low-cost production process. The company’s primary objective is to target the building integrated solar power market and supply products for selected portable and remote solar power applications as well as custom and OEM solar module markets.


Solarfun Power Holdings is a global manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules. Backed by over a decade of electronic manufacturing experience, Solarfun is committed to maintaining quality of the highest standard.

REC Solar Panels

Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) is the leading vertically integrated player in the solar energy industry. The business is carried out in three divisions.† REC Silicon and REC Wafer are among the world’s largest producers of polysilicon and wafers for solar applications and REC Solar is a rapidly growing manufacturer of high performance solar cells and modules.

Solar Enertech Corp

Solar Enertech Corp. is a highly innovative solar science company founded in the Silicon Valley, California focusing on photovoltaic (PV) science and technologies. They first began producing PV products in early 2007 from its manufacturing base at Shanghai ‘s National Jinqiao Technology Park.


Nanosolar prints CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium) solar cells and assembles solar panels to enable the most cost-efficient solar electricity.