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Why Are Plugs Being Pulled On Solar Panel Subsidies?

One of the biggest conflicts that you’ll hear about in the Australian solar panel industry is the issue of government officials ending programs that make solar panel installation more affordable for a variety of different groups of people. What would have been given for free, or near free, now could cost certain individuals and organisations thousands. If you have been wondering why so many of the government solar power subsidies and tax credits are vanishing, this article will give you a better grip on the situation.

Subsidies, freebies, and tax credits are expensive. 

It’s no secret that the Australian government has been having a harder time balancing a budget, and many of the programs that make solar panel installation affordable cost a lot of money to maintain. When coupled with the surprisingly high demand for subsidisation, it’s understandable why programs ended up being cancelled. It’s just too expensive to keep up, at times.

You might say that with some of those programs, it was a case of “mission accomplished.” 

Some of those programs were solely designed to start the push for greener energy productions in schools and public buildings. With many of those programs successfully installing solar panels on a majority of schools, they managed to accomplish what they set out to do. Now that more organisations are seeing solar panel installation as an option, they can stop the program.

Okay, sometimes it was “mission accomplished to the point of overkill.” 

In some parts of Australia, the amount of electricity generated by solar panels on home-owners’ rooftops is so massive that it is causing power surges and similar electrical problems. If they kept up the subsidies, surges and shocks would become even more commonplace, and may have ended up causing more money to be spent on preventative care and repairs.

Many of the tax credits that are disappearing were only supposed to be temporary, anyway.

As such, many of those tax credits people cherish have to go, simply because they were never really meant to stay. It was a temporary perk that was established due to the fact that solar panels were once much more expensive than they were now, and it was a way of helping mitigate those price tags. Now that solar panel installation is decently affordable, there’s no reason to keep that credit.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of people not speaking up.

Politicians will continue to kill off good programs that make solar panel installation a reachable option for others if we as a community do not speak up. If you want to keep tax credits, subsidies, and similar programs from disappearing, it’s crucial that you talk to your local community leaders about what can be done to ameliorate the issue of the disappearing solar power programs.

Together, we can work together to make an Australia that is fully solar powered in the near future. And, we can make sure that it pays off for everyone involved.