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Why Solar Power Beats Other Forms Of Alternative Energy

For decades, scientists and companies alike have worked day after day to find an alternative, sustainable source of energy that can provide low cost electricity to the world. There have been many different attempts, many of which have had some seriously impressive successes around the world. You may have heard of hydroelectric dams that power major cities in the US, geothermal power plants in Hawaii and other similarly volcanic locations, as well as wind turbines creating energy using Mother Nature’s own breath. 

Still, solar power has managed to become the go-to alternative energy source for the vast majority of companies, political groups, and industries who want to help improve the planet. Did you ever wonder why that happens to be the case? Well, much of the answer can be found in the inadequacies found in the other alternatives…

Solar power is one of the very few alternative sources of energy that can be found anywhere in the world. 

There isn’t a place on the planet that doesn’t have sunlight. On the other hand, there are plenty of places that don’t have the right rivers and waterfalls for hydroelectric energy. There are even more places that don’t have geothermal activity that can be harvested properly. Even wind can be hard to rely on in certain parts of the world. Solar panels can be installed in both urban and rural areas with ease, unlike other manufacturing methods of alternative energy. It’s just that versatile.

The amount of money that it takes to produce solar power is much less than the amount it takes to produce most other forms of alternative energy.

People like the fact that solar energy is relatively cheap. Who wouldn’t want that perk when planning a city?

Other methods of manufacturing energy can be a serious eyesore.

If you have ever seen a wind turbine, you know how awful alternative energy sources can be on the eyes.

Solar panel installation does not put anyone in serious physical danger, and that can not be said about other forms of alternative energy.

A good example of the dangers that some alternative energy sources pose is Fukushima. (Yes, nuclear energy is an alternative form of energy.) Between the toxic waste of nuclear water, and potential for radioactive fallout, most people don’t want a nuclear energy plant in their backyard. Even wind turbines and geothermal energy plants have been rumoured to cause problems for locals who live nearby. Typically, these problems supposedly include headaches, allergy-like symptoms, and noise pollution.

Solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient every day. 

Leaps and bounds are being made in solar power research. The same cannot be said about other forms of alternative energy which have been around for years. Whether it is due to a lack of interest, or simply a lack of actual progress, other alternative energy programs have just not been as successful or as popular as solar.

It’s pretty clear to investors, scientists, city planners, and home-owners alike that solar energy is the new wave of the electric future. Aren’t you ready to make the leap to this safe, efficient, and cheap energy source?