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Why Some Corporations Hate Solar Power (And How To Sift Through The Lies)

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people love solar energy and the amount of stress it takes away from the environment, there are some people out there that really hate solar power. Most of the people out there who dislike the idea of solar power either are misinformed, or are the heads of companies that rely on the success of non sustainable fuels in order to maintain profits.

As a way to try to put the brakes on the runaway success of this highly popular power source, many of them have tried to start rumours of problems associated with solar panels. If you hear the following rumours circulating the net, don’t listen to them. They are myths that are often being propagated by the same folks who would rather you deal with their sky-rocketing fuel costs instead of getting solar panels.

“Solar panels don’t work in cold weather, or in cloudy weather.” 

It doesn’t matter if you are in Helsinki or in Rio De Janeiro – solar panels will work. As long as there are UV rays hitting the panels, you will get energy. You may not get as much energy on a cloudy day as you would on a very sunny day, but you will still get energy nonetheless. And, it’s generally reliable energy – cloudy weather or otherwise. It’s worth noting that solar panels will continue to work, even if the utility company is not in functioning condition.

“Actually, solar panels are still expensive and will stay that way forever.” 

Solar panels really are not as expensive as you’d think, especially with all the sales and subsidies. The price of solar panels also has decreased over the past couple of years. So far for that myth!

“Solar panels are really bulky and large.”

Clearly, whoever says this has not seen the latest wave of solar panels, many of which are so thin that you would never even notice them if they weren’t pointed out to you.

“You really have to maintain solar panels regularly. It’s just too much work!” 

Solar panels barely even need cleaning, and the average warranty lasts for a couple of decades. Anyone who says that’s high maintenance may want to think twice!

“Those solar panels really aren’t that durable. They look like they could shatter at a moment’s notice.”

Believe it or not, solar panels are designed to last for decades. The average solar panel on the market today can last anywhere from 25 to a whopping 45 years, making a single installation an investment that can pay off for a lifetime. They are capable of withstanding freezing cold, blazing heat, and just about everything in between.

“You really won’t be able to make that money back…” 

If you are looking at solar power as an investment, you have also take into consideration that a solar panel can raise a home’s selling price as much as $20,000. When paired with the annual savings you can expect on your energy bill, solar panel installation makes a lot of financial sense.

Of course, if you have any questions about solar panel installations, you can ask a solar specialist to clarify things for you. You’d be surprised to find out the truth behind some of those common myths you might have heard.